• ELI5: What is Evie?

    Evie is an artificially intelligent assistant who excels at one specific task: scheduling. She has access to your calendar and can understand plain English. Just like a human personal assistant, she can interact via email and communicate with your clients on your behalf.

  • How do I sign up?

    Sign up here

  • How do I use Evie?

    cc: Evie to your conversation with your invitees and give her your instructions.

    Not convinced? Here are some examples of people talking to Evie:

    “Evie, schedule a meeting for us next week please.”
    “I’ve cc’d my assistant Evie, who’ll help arrange this call for us.
    Evie, please note that Vinnie will be in Paris next week.”
    “Evie block my calendar for tomorrow. 2-6 PM, design webinar”
    “(Replying to Evie) Yup, either time works.”
    “We need to meet by the 27th. Evie, over to you.”

  • How are my data and privacy secured?

    We take the privacy of our users very seriously. You can read our privacy policy and our terms of service for more details. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES128 encryption protocols. We continuously review these protocols to ensure that we are in compliance with industry standards.

  • What kind of events can Evie help me with?

    Anything that needs scheduling via email. Meetings, lunches, interviews, international calls, - really anything you can think of!

  • How many meetings can Evie schedule at once?

    As many as you need! She is, however, limited to one task per email. If you want Evie to schedule 5 tasks, you’d cc her to 5 different email conversations. This way, you’ll have a clear record of your interactions with Evie.

  • What is the maximum number of people I can invite?

    Up to 5 people. Evie will let you know when she is able to do more. :)

  • What are ‘optional’ and ‘required’ invitees?

    Required invitees are those who need to attend your meeting. Evie prioritises their availability when scheduling Make sure your required invitees are in the ‘to’ field. Optional invitees are people who need to be informed that the meeting is taking place, but do not have to attend it. All the people cc’d to your conversation will be seen as optional invitees.

  • What if no one can agree on a date?

    Sometimes everyone is just busy. That can’t be helped. In this case, Evie will ask you for your opinion on whether she should cancel or keep trying to find another date.

  • I have to reschedule or cancel. What now?

    Hit reply and tell Evie. She will inform your guests and move or cancel the meeting.

  • Can someone else schedule a meeting with me by emailing Evie?

    Evie will ensure that no one gets on your calendar without your approval. All unsolicited meeting requests are run by you for your approval.

  • If Evie does not get a response, how many times will she follow up?

    Twice, after which she will ask you to step in.

  • Will Evie send reminders for upcoming meetings?

    Definitely. For meetings set up a week or more ago, Evie will send gentle reminders the day before the meeting.

  • Can Evie handle mailing lists?

    Not yet! For now, please enter the individual emails addresses of your invitees.

  • Do I have to connect my calendar? Do I have to keep my calendar updated?

    Evie uses your calendar to determine your availability. This is why you have to connect your calendar before using Evie.

  • Can Evie help me mark my calendar?

    Yes! Email Evie and she’ll create a calendar entry.
    For example: Evie please block my calendar for the Board meeting on 27 Oct from 2pm to 4pm.

  • I have do not disturb times. How do I make sure Evie knows about them?

    Login to your account on our website. Set your preferences to indicate when you prefer to have meetings. Evie will do her best to schedule your meetings within these parameters.

  • Can Evie coordinate across multiple calendars?

    Yes! If you have more than one Office 365 or Google calendar, just connect it to your account. Evie will ensure you are never double booked.

  • Can Evie book on top of full day events?

    Yes, but you will need to mark yourself as ‘free’. Evie will warn you if you are about to double book yourself.

  • What calendars can Evie work with?

    Right now, Evie works with Google Calendar and the Office 365 Calendar.

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